About Jenna's Petsitting

Based in Cairns, servicing from Goldsborough to Clifton Beach (or further), Jenna's Petsitting is insured, run by a former vet nurse and her team.

Your furry friends will love us!

Passionate about animals, and experienced with all kinds of pets from horses to mice and everything in between, our petsitters can administer medication, and manage other special requirements (elderly pets, behavioural issues, etc).

How we can help you!

Regular walks, visits to feed pets, boarding/daycare at ours or overnight stays at yours; even airport drop off and pick up--we're available to keep your pet in good hands!

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How Can We Help?

Dog Walks & Visits

We come to your home and check on your pets, giving them food, fresh water, and a short walk. We can also attend twice daily and let your pet inside at night and out during the day.

Bringing in the mail, watering plants, and any other general care-of-the-house requirements are included.

Regular walks can also be booked--maybe you have a friend feeding your dog, but they aren't able to walk him! Or perhaps you have long work days, and want to break up the day for your dog or simply don't have the time when you get home. We can take your dogs for 30 or 60min walks, as many days of the week as needed, to suit your preferences; morning, midday, or afternoon!

Overnight Stay

One of our petsitters will stay overnight at your home. A meet and greet will be arranged prior, so you can go over all of your pets' care with the petsitter, organising keys etc. The pets will have company from early evening until the following morning, though longer stays throughout the day (for more anxious pets) can be arranged--just let us know!

We also include a daily walk, and regular photo updates of your pets.
All our sitters are police-checked and trustworthy, and covered by Jenna's Petsitting's insurance.


We take care of your pets at our homes. For just a few hours while you run errands, all day while you're at work, or overnight for several days.

Your puppy dog will be able to run and play in our secure fenced yards, sleep inside at night, and go on walks with all our boarders to the local parks, creeks, or beach!

All you need to bring is your pet's food. All short-nosed breeds like pugs etc will have access to air-conditioning.

We only ask that your dog is vaccinated and desexed (if possible--please note if your dog is entire and we'll accommodate), puppies must have had their 12wk C5 vaccination, and dogs must not be aggressive with other dogs.Please notify us if your dog hasn't been socialised before, or has had issues with other dogs, and we'll do our best to place them with a petsitter who suits and can keep them safe.

We also can board cats, guinea pigs, rats/mice, and small birds upon request. Their food and indoor caging must be provided.


The more detail the better & sooner we can assist.

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